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Terror Twin Photographs


Back to back, covered in a red glow
The Brothers MacLeppard!
Back to back, in the spotlight
The look so inocent
Now, that is not so inocent
Just the guitars, and only the guitars
Lookin' good
Bunny ears
All smiles
Protect that guitar!
Lack of sleep?
Good ol' buddies!
Phil with a smile, but what is Steve looking at?
The serious rock star look
In a subway if I'm not mistaken
On a plane laughing (check out phils shorts!)
Steve: What the hell are you doing?
Having a laugh on stage
Holding each other up!
Back to back
Smiles on stage
Phil over Steve's back
Cool in sunglasses
Rock horns!
Posed with smiles!
Cheek to cheek
Lips to lips
Phil: What's so funny? I'm trying to play!
In concentration
Steve: These roses are for you!
Thoes are some nice guitars!
In comfy robes
Cuddly during Pyro days
At the airport, I believe
The cutest couple in rock
Alcohol for Steve & 7UP for Phil (no suprise there)
In the midsts of playing
Is that MAKE-UP on Steve!?
Phil lookin' extra tan
Steve is so tiny!
Phil, the camera is this way
Winter time clothes
Serious rock stars
Another pic with the umbrella...they are so cute!
Playin' hard in concert
Can in hand*
Sunny day before a concert*
Very...very tan*
Yay! Another umbrella pic!*
Playin' down low*
Jean jacket and a leather jacket*
Phil leaning backwords on Steve*
Phil leaning backwords on Steve...again*
Good ol' mates*
Having a laugh*

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