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Steve's Photographs


That beautiful double neck guitar
Cigarette in mouth and no shirt...mmmmmm
Bending over, one of my favourites
Another cigarette in mouth playing, a good one
I'm so sexy, yes I am
Pyromaia era
Posing, with a sly loook
Another...cigarette in mouth
Sitting in some short pants
Sitting in a pose, a nice one of him
Good night, Steve
I'm cool cus' my guitar is upside down
In the loo
Pyromania calender
Pyro era
There's that cute smile!
He looks big in this one
The thinker
Pyro era
Bending backwords
Coming up
Bending forwards
My back doesn't even arch like that!
Another one of the double neck
Doused in pink
Guitar over the head
Pyro era, again
Pyro era, once again
Another pyro
Lifting the guitar up
Who's he gonna hit that with?
Stepping down
Guitar up high
The inocent look
Smiling with a cup
Nice elephant slippers
Looking almost...sad
Standing infront of flowers
Smiling in a rugbee shrit!
A VERY young Steve getting into it
A young quiet Steve
Sweaty Steve
Another sweaty Steve
Working hard
Steve in a kilt
Silver shirt
Lookin' cool
Drinks lined up
Black 'n' White
On stage
A VERY good early pic of Steve
Is he wearing Sav's shirt?
In a jeep
Red jacket
Hair in his face
Throwing some more shapes
"Let's here some noise then!"
Platinum blonde
Intresting pose there
Listening to the crowd
In concentration
Organge sash
He looks kinda ill, poor thing
In deep concentration
With his double neck razor
And again
Kneeling and playing
Just his face
A BEAUTIFUL picture of him!
A dream like picture of Steve
Getting into it
Green jacket
A portrait
Looking to the side
Holding his guitar high
Courtesy of
Tall and thin
With his firebird
Very sexy!
Playing his doubleneck live
Hair blowing in the wind
Nice looking pic of him
Playing his firebird
Nice smile
A shadow on him
Arms folded
Working hard
Football (soccor) Steve!
Caught smiling
Wild hair!
Serious Steve
Beautiful...just beautiful
A shadow across his face
Shirtless live
Green shirt
On a plane...w/ sunglasses on
Looking gooooooood
I think phil took this one
Workin' it live
Leaning on Phil
Hehehe...bad Steve
Lips puckered
Another one of my faves
Breath taking...seriously
Smokin' nice
Ooo very nice
Dang...those are some skinny arms! But we luv you anyway!
Guitar God!
I really like that jacket
A very, very, very, young steve
Curly brown hair
Sitting on the couch backstage
Another one of my faves
Red shorts...and that's about it
A shadowy Steve
Black clothes and a white guitar
Pointing (why does he always use his middle finger?)
Bushy hair!
Lifting up his Firebird
Working hard
"Well that one sucked"
Now that makes my knee's hurt
Pretty lights
Want a doughnut, Steve?
Why yes, yes you are #1 Steve!
Sunglasses AND shirtless, yea!*
By the looks of his cigarette, he's been posing a long time*
A nice smile :)*
Looking veeeeery cool*
In the dark*

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