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Phil's Photographs

@=Picture from Deb. Deb *bows down* you are a goddess!
#=Picture from Lisa.
$=Picture from

Playing his guitar with a spotlight on him$
From the Pyromania calender (i like this look!)$
Another from the Pyro calender
On the stage, lying down
A little risky there with the pants
Pyro era
Another Pyro era
With a yellow light behind him$
Weird shot during Hysteria era
Holding Rory
In a sweater
On the diagonal
With his dog
Looking for something?
Really good shot of him
Playing, no shirt
Posing with his guitars with some in the background
From Euphoria
Euphoria (i think)
A red tint$
Guitar upside down (i also like this one)
Photograph video
Playing guitar out infront of him
Fancy playing
Light blue glow
Good Euphoria pic
Posed again
Pyro era
Sitting on stage
Very pretty.....stupid camra-man
Cutoff shorts
On stage
What a face!
I love this shirt on him!
Looks kinda young
Guitars, guitars, and more guitars
Heart and soul
Looking to the right
hmmmmm, don't know what to say
Pyro era
Sitting on a dock, I believe
Sitting on his amp
Good pic of him in action!
Butt shot! haa haa!
Good but small$
Another risky pant shot
Kneeling and playing
Guitar upside-down$
Playing with passion!$
With his Arctop$
A cool spotlight picture$
A signed photo$
That last note$
Leather jacket and funny glasses$
Fliping the bird$
In the loo$
Playing the Ibanez$
Laying down with his guitars (pyro era)$
Holding the guitar straight up (hysteria era)$
Playing the acoustic$
That's got to give a stretch!$
Playing Bela#
Comfy, Phil?
Phil: Yes, I know, my guitar is beautiful
God I love the outfit on him!
Phil with a Gibson
Phil with his Hysteria guitar (very awsome!)
It's FOOTBALL (soccor) PHIL!
Strumming the acoustic
Working hard$
Showing how hard his muscles work$
One hand$
In deep concentration$
Don't fall off, phil!$
Swaying from side to side$
Doing his classic "upside-down" guitar move$
Pyromania era$
I can't get over thoes pants!!!$
Not too pretty there$!$
Working hard$
Now, I can't even to THAT$
A portrait
"Hi there!"
He looks cute when he does this
Pucker up, Phil
Hysteria era$
Cool shirt$
Playing Bela$
On stage (adrenalize?)$
Solo time!$
Don't eat the microphone, Phil!
Silver Sparkle
Rock Star!#
Yea you know you want this!#
From None More Black$
Pretty pink
Smileling for the camera
Sweatpants, woohoo!
Very harry Phil
The feminine side of Phil
Oh so pretty$
Tuning his guitarCourtesy of
Working in the studioCourtesy of
"Now, what am I supposed to think of this?"Courtesy of
Playing a PC1Courtesy of
Looking at something while playingCourtesy of
Heehee, I love their casual clothesCourtesy of
Adrenalize era
AWESOME pic of Phil!
Gettin' Adrenalized!
Long hair Phil (check out his LEGS!)$
Once again i LOVE that outfit! i just wanna bite him!...hehehe
Yay! Happy smiles from Phil
With his baby, aww, such a cutie! i mean the baby! lol@
Rock Star! Yeah!
Leaning against a VERY nice car!*
Scruffy Phil*
Long coat*
Euphoria onstage*
Another onstage*
That beautiful green PC1*
Look up*
Still look up*
Onstage outside*
Spotlight on military Phil (my fave outfit)*
With all (i think) of his PC1s*
Onstage workin it!*
Nice angle! woohoo!*
Showing off his PC1*

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